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There has been changes at the office. A new director, a new international administrator and two interns creating a whole new team.

Charlotte Lind, employee at Operation 1325 for the last five years takes over as Acting Director while the ordinary Director is on leave of absence for 12 months.

How does it feel stepping up as Acting Director?

– Fun! I feel confident in the new position, I have worked at Operation 1325 for five years already and understand the organization well. Yesterday we had our first meeting as a new team, and I got three new colleagues who are all great!

What are your plans for the Fall?

– In October the whole team is going to attend a digital course with Swiss Peace as part of our capacity building. I am a big fan of sharing new knowledge, which is why we will communicate what we learn through social media, to make sure we reach as many as possible with the new knowledge. I am also very excited about our new grant we received from Postkodsstiftelsen, to work towards women’s inclusion in the peace process in Yemen. This is something we are going to explore; how we can develop our engagement together with civil society organizations in Yemen.

Project leader of the Yemen-project is Lee Martin, the new international administrator.

Can you tell us more about the project in Yemen?

– The new project is a cooperation between Operation 1325 and three partner organizations in Yemen where we will work together to promote the inclusion of women in the peace process in Yemen. The peace process is yet to start but we want to enable women within civil society to make their needs and voices heard and deliver these to the relevant actors within the peace process when it starts. It is an exciting project and I look forward to our partnership with the Yemini civil society organizations.

Tell us how you got your job at Operation 1325

– During the Spring I was an intern at Operation 1325 for three months and I really liked it. Both my colleagues as well as my work duties. Women, peace and security holds a special place in my heart, so for me it was natural to apply for this position. I am very excited to be back.

The team, like always, has welcomed two new interns for the Fall. This Fall it is Julia Sundbüe, Master student of Development Studies at Lunds University and Malin Alsered Pihlström, Master student in Human Rights at Uppsala University.

What are your expectations for the coming semester?

– I believe and hope my knowledge in gender and understanding of the complexity during peace processes can contribute to the organization and I am really looking forward to understanding how a civil society organization works with these issues practically, Julia says. I particularly look forward to the capacity building opportunities they offer us here.

– I could not agree more, says Malin

– I am excited to be at an organization where my previous academic knowledge comes to use but where I at the same time am given the possibility to deepen my knowledge both theoretically and practically in women, peace and security issues, she continues. We have already encountered interesting meetings and valuable insights our first week here and I believe we have a very rewarding semester in front of us. The team feels great!

Left in picture – Julia Sundbüe, Malin Alsered Pihlström, Lee Martin & Charlotte Lind