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During the first week of September Operation 1325 was invited by Sida to participate in a round-table discussion with Yemen’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Bin Mubarak. Director Charlotte Lind participated together with representatives from six other civil society organizations. Charlotte spoke of Operation 1325 and our engagement with women’s right to participate in the peace process in Yemen. She asked the Minister why no women as of today are involved in the peace process and what the Minister believed could be done to change this. The Minister emphasized the importance of initiating a dialogue with the individuals in Yemen withholding women’s rights as well as the importance of continuing the dialogue about women’s participation with the political leaders of Yemen.

Yemini Ambassador in the Netherlands, Sahar Ghamen, noted resolution 1325 to be the reason why she is able to work as a female ambassador for Yemen, thus highlighting the importance of continued work with women’s right in Yemen.  

To the left Ambassador Sahar Ghamen and Yemen’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Bin Mubarak