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Omran Khasawneh is a new project leader at Operation 1325. He looks forward to working for women’s increased representation in peace processes together with our project participants. 
Omran has previously worked with civil society organizations that pursue issues of diversity and global sustainable development in Sweden. He has also completed an internship at the Swedish Embassy in Amman as a part of his Middle Eastern studies at Uppsala University. 
Omran, how does it feel to start working at Operation 1325? 
– It feels great! Operation 1325 works for a good cause and it is an honor to be part of the work going forward. 
Omran applied to Operation 1325 as he believes that the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 is the most important international document adopted since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. He believes that Resolution 1325 would drastically change the politics of peace and security if fully implemented. 
What do you think distinguishes the UN Security Council Resolution 1325? 
– The unique thing about this resolution is that it is the first document that made the link between equality, peace, security and sustainable development officially recognized. 
Our new project leader is curious about the role of civil society in the implementation of Resolution 1325. He is therefore looking forward to meeting our local partner organizations to hear about their opportunities, challenges and experiences regarding the implementation of Resolution 1325. 
Charlotte Lind, acting director at Operation 1325, explains why diversity within the organization is important. 
How come you hired a man when you work for women’s rights? 
– It is important to show that what we work with is not only a women’s issue, but an issue that affects the whole of society in the countries where we work. I believe that the fact that we have a project leader who is a man sends such a signal. 
What can Omran bring to Operation 1325? 
– He has the right education with his double bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern studies and development studies and he also speaks fluent Arabic. His knowledge will help us create closer cooperations with our partner organizations and contribute to an increased understanding of the situation in the Middle East. I look forward to working with Omran!