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In order to strengthen Sweden’s work with women, peace and security internationally, we have, together with our partner organizations in the MENA-region, produced recommendations. These describe how Sweden could contribute to the implementation of Resolution 1325, in 10 different countries. Now the turn has come to Syria and together with our local partner organization Life Peace Association we present the following situation analysis and recommendations.

Since the outbreak of armed conflict in Syria in 2011, rape has been used as a weapon of war by both government forces and other armed groups. In addition, women’s participation in Syrian peace talks has been marginal and uneven. Women in Syria have been faced discrimination for decades, and while the war has further worsened the situation for women, post-war reconstruction could potentially strengthen women’s legal rights.

Our Recommendations

  • End impunity for sexual violence in Syria
  • Ensure women´s full and meaningful participation in peace and transition processes
  • Strengthen Syrian women´s legal rights

Read the full report below