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As 2020 is a pivotal year for gender equality with the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Conference, the 20th  anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325, and the 5th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 2250, Operation 1325 has joined The Beijing+25, Women, Peace and Security – Youth, Peace and Security Action Coalition (The Beijing 25+, WPS-YPS Action Coalition). The coalition consists of several civil society organization that worldwide working on all levels society towards the full and effective implementation of the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) and the Youth, Peace and Security (YPS) agendas.

With the upcoming Beijing 25+ Generation Equality Global Forum, the coalition sent an Open Letter on the 27th of January to those concerned to urge for the full integration of the WPS and YPS agendas in the process and outcome documents, as well as to underline the importance of establishing an official Action Coalition. The Open Letter sheds light on that it is not enough to only discuss peace and security through the framework of gender-based violence, since it will not reflect the depth and breadth of issues covered by the WPS and YPS agendas, including women and youth’s meaningful participation in peace processes and political decision-making; conflict prevention and disarmament; and prevention of violent extremism.

 “We call on you as the Core Group Members of the Generation Equality Global Forum to designate Women and Peace and Security and Youth and Peace and Security as one of the official Action Coalitions. We stand ready to work with all stakeholders to create channels for the effective participation of women and youth peacebuilders in Beijing+25 processes. We also call on Member States, UN officials, UN entities, institutions, and organizations copied in this open letter, fellow civil society actors, and everyone who supports the full and effective implementation of the Women and Peace and Security and Youth and Peace and Security agendas to join us in this call. We cannot allow the Women and Peace and Security and Youth and Peace and Security agendas to be marginalized. We cannot allow women and youth peacebuilders and gender equality activists in conflict-affected communities to be invisible.”

If you want to join the petition, please write an e-mail to philippa.westling@operation1325.se and more information will follow!

Do you want to read the Open letter?  Click here!