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Our website needs a complete overhaul to make it more up-to-date, user-friendly and visually appealing.

In short:

  • The graphic profile needs to be changed – a new foundation exists but needs to be integrated and refined for website use.
  • The structure needs to reviewed to simplify for the audience and internal users with limited resources. And to highlight more relevant focus areas.
  • Content needs to be reviewed and updated or removed.

Knowledge and experience with WordPress are required.

You are given a relatively free hands and are invited to come up with your own suggestions and ideas within the given framework. We believe that the best solutions sparks from exchange and collaboration.

The assignment can be carried out at odd hours, with check-in during office hours 9-17.

The complete re-structuring is a one-off project. If there is interest, there is the possible to extend the assignment for general administration of the site.

We look forward to receiving your application to info@operation1325.se