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Kvinnor För Fred KFF, was founded in 1978 and is an association working for peace on women’s terms. KFF is politically and religiously independent and is part of a network with international ramifications.

KFF’s goal is the participation of women in conflict resolution with a special emphasis on stopping nuclear weapons, stopping arms production and export, stopping rape as a strategy of war and human rights for all.

KFF has international projects and cooperation with women’s organizations in Israel/Palestine, Iraqi Kurdistan, and Western Sahara.

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KvinnorKan works for equal conditions for women and men.

The organisation wants to contribute to a society and a business community, nationally and internationally, that takes advantage of everyone’s opportunities and interests.

This is independent of gender, class, ethnic background and nationality. KvinnorKan is politically independent.

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Svenska Kvinnors Vänsterförbund (SKV) is a non-party political, feminist and pacifist women’s association.

SKV has its roots in the association Frisinnade kvinnor, which was formed in 1914 under the slogan “Against war psychosis for democracy and women’s equality”. SKV works for equality between women and men, for the deepening of democracy, the protection of women and children against violence and commercial exploitation and for a society where children can grow up in safety.

SKV works for peace, against war and imperialism, and its vision is general and total disarmament. SKV also works for sustainable development and a fair distribution of the earth’s resources.

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Sveriges Ekumeniska Kvinnoråd, SEK, is a non-profit organization existing since 1959. It is a forum for Christian women in Sweden.

Its working area is the church and society from a woman’s perspective. Amongst other, the organization pursues equality between women and men and for women to be more active in leadership and decision-making roles in churches and society as a whole.

SEK offers an eucumenical meeting place and a community across societies and across religions. It offers education in active non-violence for women living in conflict zones. SEK works with women at local, national and international levels.

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Kvinnliga Läkares Förening, KLF, was inspired by Women’s doctor committee, which was created in 1916 by Karolina Widerstrom who was Sweden’s first female doctor.

In 1976, KLF was made an interest- and partner organisation within the Doctors association and today has about 1 400 members. The majority of the members are medical doctors or students. KLF works for equal conditions for female doctors and equal access to health and care.

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