Operation 1325 Looking for Communications Intern for the Spring semester 2024

SoME Gavobevis 2023

21 September 2023

Operation 1325 Looking for Communications Intern

for the Spring Semester 2024

Location: Stockholm with some possibility of hybrid work

Internship period: Spring Semester 2024

The internship period covers 20 weeks full-time and is unpaid. Internship in 10 weeks is also possible after discussion.

Briefly about the internship:

Operation 1325 works to promote women’s influence in security policy and peace processes in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1325. We are an umbrella organization with Swedish women’s and peace organizations as members. Operation 1325 works with mutual capacity development together with women’s and peace organizations in conflict countries, above all in the Middle East. We work with peace and security actors to develop and improve methods for the implementation of Resolution 1325. We contribute to long-term local, regional and international networks to support the work of elected officials and civil society for an inclusive and sustainable peace and security. Operation 1325 carries out advocacy work towards Sweden, the EU and the UN so that women’s perspective on security permeates all peace-building work.

Operation 1325’s office currently consists of an office manager. Each semester, two students also practice in the office where one focuses more on communication work while the other works on general organizational work. As an intern with us, you get a unique insight into how Operation 1325 works for women, peace and the security agenda, as well as good practical experience of what it’s like to work with communication work at a civil society organization. Doing an internship with us is both educational and fun!

Main internship tasks:

  • Assist the head of office in communication work
  • Manage our website and social media channels – there is great opportunity to be creative
  • Do research work in connection with the production of communication material
  • Write articles and newsletters
  • Create content for our website and on social media
  • Collect and interpret statistics from our external channels
  • Work towards the organization’s target groups
  • Global coverage of issues relating to women, peace and security
  • Contribute to the work with training courses, seminars, conferences and other events
  • Represent the organization in external activities
  • Contribute to the general organizational work

 We are looking for you who have:

  • Post-secondary education/practical experience in journalism, information science, communication or similar
  • Very good knowledge of Swedish and English
  • Good organizational skills and is responsive, proactive and self-motivated. The work requires that you can take responsibility and want to take on challenges

Meritorious are:

  • Experience in web design and/or graphic design
  • Previous experience with WordPress and/or Canva
  • Previous involvement in non-profit associations
  • Knowledge of gender, peace and security issues
  • Knowledge of Arabic
  • Experience of international environments via upbringing, studies or work

We at Operation 1325 know that diversity in knowledge, experience and background contributes to a better and more developing workplace. We constantly strive to increase diversity within the organization and are therefore happy to welcome people who contribute to this. If you are interested, do not hesitate to apply!

Content of the application:

Personal letter (max. 1 page) and CV (max. 2 pages).

The application is sent to:

info@operation1325.se: mark the subject line with “Internship – communication”.

Contact person:

Anette Uddqvist, head of office
Mail: anette.uddqvist@operation1325.se
Phone: + 46 (0)70331 7775

Application deadline:

On October 31, 2023

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