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When those closest to us suffer from injustice or are being threatened, it hurts. It forces us to action and resistance. Today, the UN Security Council will hold an open debate on sexual violence in conflict with the focus on sexual violence such as terrorism, such as the financing of war and terrorism and as a migration cause. We are following the debate today and affect politicians to cooperate with women who have experience and knowledge.

Recently, we have seen injustice among our colleagues and friends. Peace activists against the militarization around the Korea Peninsula, whose message is not heard in the decision-making rooms. The survivors of sexual slavery and exploitation that continue to be subjected to abuse through media. The women in Turkey who have been detained and isolated because they have opinions. Palestinians abused and detained without legal rights or justice.

Peace in the world needs to be defended by listening to LGBTI groups, opposition or underrepresented groups. We will continue the discussion on peace and security with people who have experience of war and conflict. Those who lived under dictatorships and have gone through democratization processes need a strong and free civil society. Operation 1325 works for women’s justice, for women to have the right to express themselves, act politically, represent their group and decide what is important.  Our struggle is through international project cooperation, political scrutiny and education to raise awareness of women, peace and security, driven by the desire for peace and justice.

Annika Schabbauer, Director of Operation 1325