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 القرار  ١٣٢٥

 القرار  ١٣٢٥  أنتم تصنعون الفرق

نصائح عملية حوا كيفية رفع مستوى مشاركة المرأة وأمنها

وفقاً لقرار الأمم المتحدة ١٣٢٥

”You make the difference” is NOW available in Arabic. “You make the difference” provides practical advice on how to increase political participation of women, strengthen women’s rights and raise awareness about the situation of women and girls in conflict- and post-conflict areas. The toolkit is a practical guide containing suggestions and information which are drawn from both Iraqi women’s organisations as well as officials in international missions. Please contact us for your own copy and to learn about our offer of workshops and consultancy. If you would like to download it or read it here, open the link at the top right corner on this page.