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Resolution 1325 is the responsibility of all Swedish ministries not only a few.

Resolution 1325 is the responsibility of all Swedish ministries not only a few. Evaluation of results of realising resolution 1325 needs to show what has been done as well as how it has been done. No clear data exists on how much money is being allocated to resolution 1325. Those are conclusions from a recent report measuring the status of how Sweden is making reality out of resolution 1325.

The report ”Security Council Resolution 1325: Civil Society Monitoring Report – Sweden” is the result of a cooperation between Operation 1325 and the international NGO Global Network of Women Peacebuilders with head quarters in New York. It measures the status of implementation of resolution 1325 along the lines of 16 indicators, including for instance percentage of women in peace negotiations, women’s participation in the justice and security sector and percentage of women in peacekeeping missions.

The report says that the National Action Plan (NAP) focuses on a few actors to fulfill the implementation of resolution 1325. The actors are mostly the ones representing Sweden abroad in international missions.

“This leaves most of the ministries out of the NAP…Resolution 1325 concerns all ministries; all should therefore be obliged to give reports on the work done on the resolution,” the report concludes.

Includes a gender perspective in peacekeeping missions

“Sweden has been ambitious in implementing resolution 1325 and has managed to include a gender perspective in a wide range of security and peacekeeping issues, but missing from Swedish implementation is sufficient systems for evaluations concerning what has been done as well as how it has  been done, “ is another conclusion.

There is also a great lack of transparency when it comes to how much money is allocated to realising resolution 1325. The only governmental agency with an earmarked budget for 1325 is the Folke Bernadotte Academy with 7 million SEK (1,06 million US dollars) for 2011.

No earmarked funding for 1325

Trying to delve into the issue the researcher Hanna Stenberg writes: “In the total budget for Sida, 319 million SEK, (48,3 million US dollars) may be used for conflict resolution. The funding is supposed to support a lot of activities concerning conflict resolution, and one of these are missions to carry through resolution 1325 and the Swedish NAP, however, there is no earmarked funding for this.”

Read the full report in the attached filed to the right.

Helena Sundman

Media’s representation of women in armed conflict

The indicators used to measure results of realising resolution 1325 are 16 in the current report. Some of them are:

  • women’s participation in governance
  • percentage of women in peace negotiations
  • women’s participation in the Justice and Security Sector
  • percentage of women in peacekeeping missions
  • number of sexual- and gender-based violence cases reported, and percentage of cases investigated, referred, prosecuted, and penalised
  • percentage of women’s representation as peace builders and decisions makers in media content
  • percentage of CSOs in task forces on SCR 1325 and 1820 

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