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Most people know by now about the devastating violation of human rights and limitations on democracy that the Turkish government exercises on its own people. On the news, it is reported on numbers of more than 140 imprisoned journalists, 89 mayors detained, and so on. But for us at Operation 1325 is more than just numbers. In our project the  Mediation lab, we have come to know Besmie Konca and Ayla Akat Ata, both members of the feminist organization TJA (Free Women’s Movement) and members of parliaments, Besime for the party HDP and Ayla for the party BDP.


Besime Konca has been imprisoned since December 13, 2016 and is now in Kandira Prison in the Koaceli province. She is accused of having participated in meetings, giving speeches, practicing propaganda and for standing up to women’s rights.


For two months now, there has been a hunger strike in Turkish prisons to put an end to the inhumane conditions prisoners are exposed to, as isolation, abuse and sexual exploitation, torture, and restriction in the meeting with lawyers.


The hunger strike is ongoing in 25 prisons and comprises 238 participating political prisoners, including 50 women.


Besime Konca has for five days, from March 25, sympathized with the other prisoners on hunger strike, to support thier cause.


We follow both Besime and Aylas situation and receive information from TJA. You can follow their cases on the hashtag #FreePoliticalWomen.