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This autumn Operation 1325 is publishing policy papers with recommendations on how Sweden can contribute to the implementation of women, peace and security abroad, together with our partner organizations. This policy paper analyses and provides recommendations regarding the situation in Egypt, and was written with the support of the civil society organization Egyptian Center for Women´s Rights (ECWR).

Situation Analysis

Egypt is an important regional actor and engaged in several on-going peace processes and could thereby play an instrumental part in pushing for the Women, Peace and Security Agenda in the region. Although women´s participation in politics has increased significantly since 2012, women still only make up 25 % of Government and 15 % in Parliament. Egypt, furthermore, suffers from high levels of gender-based violence, including sexual abuse and harassment against women, with 70 % of Egyptian men admitted to sexual harassment.

Our Recommendations

  • Support Egypt to strengthen Women, Peace and Security within its regional leadership.
  • Increase Egyptian women´s participation in politics.
  • Prevent gender-based violence and sexual harassment.

Read the entire paper below.