Power to Women in Peace Processes

Women's Organisations Cooperating in Realising Resolution 1325

At the week of politics in Almedalen, on the Swedish island of Gotland, we gathered representatives of foreign affairs from all parties in our parliament. Included were also the present and the past minister of foreign aid. As we were putting the politicians against the wall we asked what parties supported quotas as a means to boost female representation in the different stages of peace processes.
FOTO: Anna Erlandson

Our history


In 2000 a groundbreaking resolution about Women, Peace, and Security, Resolution 1325, was adopted by the UN Security Council. In response to this historic event, a group of Swedish women's organizations met in 2003 to discuss how they could work together to ensure its implementation. In 2006, the organizations created a network that became the umbrella known as Operation 1325.

Operation 1325 works with education, information, and technical support on resolution 1325 in close partnership with women's organizations in conflict and post-conflict countries. We advocate for inclusive security nationally, regionally, and internationally.

Operation 1325 creates platforms for debates and dialogue to influence decision-makers, civil society, and the general public with the aim of implementing resolution 1325. 

Since its founding, Operation 1325 has carried out capacity-building projects with partner organizations in the Balkans, East Africa, Middle East and North Africa.