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Trainings on peacebuilding and gender equality

Trainings on peacebuilding and gender equality

Operation 1325 offers various trainings and workshops in order to build capacity of civil society organizations to influence peace processes and conflict management, and for peacebuilding efforts to take women’s security needs into consideration. The trainings are tailormade to respond to the needs of the partner, whether they are civil society organiasations, peacekeeping mission staff or other actors in conflict or postconflict settings.

Previously Operation 1325 has been hired by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), the Swedish Police, the Nordic Center for Gender in Military Operations (NCGM), Kvinna till Kvinna and Norwegian Church AidRead more about our previous trainings here. 

Technical support on National Action Plans

Operation 1325 offers trainings and technical support on the development of efficient NAP:s. The realization of the provisions of Resolution 1325 requires states and international institutions to make commitments on systematic reforms.

To date, more than 40 countries have specified such measures by developing a national action plan. While the adoption of a NAP certainly has proven a way of achieving coherent and effective implementation, experience shows that the level of progress often depends on the quality of the NAP. Many action plans lack clear objectives, indicators to measure progress, allocated funding, and a system for reporting and evaluation. Ownership among the responsible agencies as well as the active involvement of local civil society are factors affecting the quality of the action plan.

Operation 1325 offers training and technical support to organisations worldwide to strengthen their capacity to advocate for the development of an effective NAP and for an inclusive and transparent process. The trainings build capacity of civil society to take active part in the drafting of a national action plan that reflects the security needs and priorities of various societal group. Operation 1325 has provided support to women’s and peace organisations in the Balkans, Central Africa, the Middle East and North Africa

Gender aspects of peacekeeping missions

Building on years of experience of working in cooperation with women’s organisation in conflict areas, Operation 1325 offers trainings on gender sensitive security sector reform. 

In cooperation with the Swedish Police Operation 1325 carries out pre-deployment trainings with police officers preparing to go on peacekeeping missions in Liberia and South Sudan. The trainings include discussions on what resolution 1325 implies in field; how mission staff can incorporate simple measures in daily routines to take into consideration the gender aspects of their work.

The course material is based on Operation 1325’s experiences from working with gender aspects of security sector reform, and the hand book Security on the ground, developed in cooperation with women’s organizations in conflict countries and peacekeeping mission staff.

Join the GLOBAL Monitoring

Civil society actors play a crucial role in the realization of Resolution 1325. Women’s and peace organizations have long pointed out the need for data of the level of implementation. To fill this gap Operation 1325, in partnership with the Global Network of Women Peace Builders (GNWP), works to systematically monitor the implementation of the Women, Peace and Security resolutions in countries all over the world.

Operation 1325 offers workshops and trainings with civil society organizations to strengthen their capacity to monitor their national implementation, and contribute to the yearly global monitoring report. The global monitoring report Women Count is based on 11 indicators and the outcome is a powerful advocacy tools that provide women’s and peace organizations with an evidence-based instrument to advocate for better implementation of UNSCR 1325 and 1820.

Since initiated in 2010, Afghanistan, Armenia, Canada, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Fiji, Liberia, Nepal, Netherlands, Philippines, Rwanda, Serbia, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, and Uganda have contributed to the monitoring project.

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