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Operation 1325’s national work mainly consists of shorter education programes and advocacy work. We are also working on the UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on youth, peace and security.

With focus on youth

Operation 1325 has a focus on youth, peace and security with the support of Resolution 2250. The resolution highlights how youth today lack sufficient protection, are not adequately represented nor have the opportunity to influence discussions about peace and conflict at the local, regional, national, or international levels.

Operation 1325 strengthens the role of youth through training in issues like leadership, conflict prevention, and gender equality, to mention a few examples. Training opportunities increase the capacity of youth so that they are more likely to take part in peace and conflict work. An example is the project Diabella that empowers young women and girls in conflict prevention work in their families, local communities, and the public sector.

Capacity building

The board trainee program is an opportunity for young people to become involved in the agenda for women, peace, and security. A board trainee collaborates with board members and the secretariat and participates in activities. Depending on interest, there is the opportunity to arrange information meetings, stand at book tables, inform students and school students, and more. When taking own initiatives, support, and advice are offered from the board’s more experienced members – a mentorship that gives the trainee space to learn and grow in a leadership role.

Lobbying and advocacy

Operation 1325 conducts advocacy within the framework of strengthening the national agenda on women, peace, and security. This is done independently as well as with partner networks. National partnerships that Operation 1325 is a part include Global Network of Women Peacebuildiers, CONCORD, Sweden’s women’s lobby. Operation 1325 uses media tools to reach decision makers and the general public.