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Today there is a significant need to pay attention to Resolution 1325 both internationally and nationally. For example, gender ratios continue being poor in critical areas of decision-making and conflict resolution. Only 3% of all mediators are made up of women, and in national parliaments only 24% of all parliamentarians are female. Therefore Operation 1325 advocates, increases awareness and reviews government efforts in complying with the resolution.

Identified target groups include students, municipalities, interest groups, and international bodies such as the UN, EU, OSCE, and NATO. Civil society is also an important target group.

Spread of information

By increasing awareness of the promises held by resolution 1325 in contrast to how far they have been made into reality, our ambition is to amplify its level of implementation. Increasing awareness by spreading information is a key cornerstone in order to reach progress since actions are based on facts. Only when we know the current status can we do something to change it. It is also an opportunity to widen the scope of people involved in the process so that it does not only focus on a limited few, but also reaches students, interested parties as well as national and international bodies.

An example of a national information project is the youth project Diabella, and an international example is the Women Mediation School in Palestine. The mediation project is aimed at young women with the goal of taking on a greater role in peace and security.

Monitoring and review

Operation 1325 monitors and reviews efforts of implementing resolution 1325 in Sweden and abroad, with or without other partner organizations. Reviews are then presented through meetings, public debates, or conferences, and are as such a way to advocate for further implementation.

Common for all recommendations is that all are developed in collaboration with people living and being affected by the decisions made in the relevant area. Due to the close collaboration that our recommendations are based on, they carry siginficant legitimacy and credibility.

An example of review work is “Women Count” which was carried out in several editions. The project aims to draw attention to compliance with Resolution 1325 and has been used by the national government in preparations for a new national action plan. We have also written a parallel report on Sweden’s compliance with international human rights commitments. Furthermore, we monitor Sweden’s compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Women and participate in the shadow reporting of civil society.

Capacity building

By focusing on capacity-building, Operation 1325 strives to increase competence in the area of ​​women, peace, and security. This capacity-building takes place at the local, national, and international levels, within different topics such as mediation, violent extremism, and gender equality.

Previous clients include the National Police Board, the Nordic Center for Gender in Military Operations (NCGM), Kvinna till Kvinna, Norwegian Church Aid, and Sida. These have dealt with topics such as security sector reform, women’s international leadership, and cooperation between government and civil society, to name a few.

Does this sound interesting? Contact us at info@operation1325.se and we will create an education or workshop for your organization’s needs.