Power to Women in Peace Processes

Women's Organisations Cooperating in Realising Resolution 1325

Stories from the Ground

As a stepping stone for the international conference regarding the 10th anniversary of resolution 1325 in 2010, women from over 20 countries came to Stockholm to share their story with Operation 1325. Their stories touched upon their personal struggles, their disappointments and their porgresses in the work towards gender awareness, peace and security. These tales, which we call ”Stories from the Ground”, have become a concept that Operation 1325 continuously use in seminars and in information concerning what resolution 1325 mean in different areas around the world.


Female influence – A challenge in Iraqi Kurdistan.

There are many women that can and wish to affect how the Iraqi Kurdistan is built up after the conflict. Amera Hassan, prosecutor and women's rights activist is one.


“Some Men’s Attitudes Have Changed”

Beena Sebastian is the Founder of the Cultural Academy for Peace in Kerala, India. As she enters the floor she greets the conference with all the cosmic energy from India.


"Better to Laugh than to Cry"

"Using humour is among the unexpected methods we women often use in a situation which is not at all humorous," Aliyah Strauss says.


"Wow for 1325"

Rita Martin works for EVE Organization, in Juba, South Sudan.