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Anette Uddqvist

Anette is the Director of Operation 1325. She has ten years of experience of international humanitarian work, mainly working within conflict contexts in Afghanistan, Yemen and South Sudan where she has been involved with both technical and operational coordination. Anette holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in humanitarian work in conflicts from Uppsala University. She believes in the importance of building peace from the ground up and with an inclusive perspective to create sustainable and long-term solutions, which goes hand in hand with Operation 1325’s focus on women, peace and security. 


Sara Uppling

Is one of the spring interns at Operation 1325!

Sara is studying the last semester of a Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies at Uppsala University. She applied to Operation 1325 to get an insight into civil society and because she wants to test her theoretical knowledge in practical work. Sara looks forward to learning more about the organisation and how to work more for women, peace and security. Sara thinks that Operation 1325 does work of great importance and hopes that with her commitment to development issues she will be able to contribute to this work.


Nanna Thydén

Nanna is an intern in communication at Operation 1325. Nanna holds a bachelor’s in Global Development from Stockholm University and a master’s degree in Gender Studies from Södertörn University. She applied to Operation 1325 to share her academic knowledge which she believes can be useful for the organization. She also aims to connect her perspectives in gender to the activities of the organization. 


Grace Eriksson

Grace is a volunteer at Operation 1325. Grace is currently working on a complete renovation of our website, to make it more up-to-date, user-friendly and visually appealing. She has several years of experience in graphics and web design, including work as a front-end designer at a media agency and project management for webshops and Facebook campaigns. Contributing with her skills and time, she hopes to deepen her understanding of current web technologies while engaging with current social issues.