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Women's Empowerment

02/05/2012 10:53

Women's Empowerment - a Roadmap to Peace in Palestine
Report from a Bridge-Building Seminar in Jericho, Palestine, December 2007

Operation 1325 and the WI’AM Conflict Resolution Centre in
Bethlehem organised a Workshop in Jericho, Palestine December 2007 where different peace and women’s organisations met to train and discuss their strengths and abilities for possible joint peace actions in the region. The 22 women  from 10 different Palestinian  also met to find new methods and tools to work more effectively in order to set up strategies for possible collaboration.

The aims of the seminar were the following:

  • Listen and learn from our experiences and strategies for peace
  • Empower women on resolution 1325, by Logical Framework Approach
  • Discuss and map out future cooperation on resolution 1325
  • Networking


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