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Women Count 2012 - Sweden’s Implementation of UNSCR 1325

01/02/2013 15:28

UNSCR 1325 which was adopted by the UN Security Council in 2000 was in many ways groundbreaking, nevertheless 12 years on little progress has been made when it comes to its implementation.

It has long been recognized by civil society actors working to implement UNSCR 1325 that there is a need for data on the implementation of the resolution, for advocacy and lobbying efforts to push for the full implementation of the resolution. This need
for data gave birth to the idea of a yearly systematic civil society monitoring of UNSCR 1325 at the national level.

The Global Network of Women Peace Builders, based in New York, therefore initiated a global monitoring project in 2010. Operation 1325 has participated in the project along with civil society
organizations in 15 other countries, to monitor how the resolution is implemented nationally, based on 11 indicators. The findings of the global monitoring project were presented in New York on the 6th of
November 2012 in the report “Women Count; Security Council Resolution 1325: Civil Society Monitoring Report 2012.”
This report is the contribution by Operation 1325 to the global monitoring project. The indicators chosen for this report are based on the 11 indicators used in the global monitoring project. However, this study is confined to the indicators found relevant for the Swedish context.

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