Power to Women in Peace Processes

Women's Organisations Cooperating in Realising Resolution 1325


Mediation and Influence Insights

01/11/2017 09:26

Operation 1325 wishes to support women insider mediators in their peace and conflict processes. We have collected views and insights on mediation processes in this small publication, for inspiration and for encouragement. It is a contribution towards more women peace-makers. Our project the Mediation Lab brought together women to share their experience of mediation and negotiation. Six countries participated in the international conference and training. Different contexts were explored and both challenges and successes were provided for mutual learning of mediation skills. Then a series of multiplier activities in six countries were carried out to train others in insider mediation and peace-making. Several lobby meetings have been held within the Mediation Lab in order to raise awareness with European policy makers. The project was supported by MUCF.

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