Power to Women in Peace Processes

Women's Organisations Cooperating in Realising Resolution 1325

(En)gendered security in Rwanda and Liberia

14/09/2015 13:45
A comparative case study of the peace processes in post-conflict Rwanda and Liberia
Desirée Sterner

"(En)gendered security in Rwanda och Liberia" by Desirée Sterner is a bachelor thesis that examines the effect of UNSCR 1325 in the peace procces in Rwanda and Liberia. By using two post-conflict countries with both similarities and differences, Desirée is able to compare how the peace processes have influenced the current situation for the women in each country. The thesis is based upon the following question: How differs the peace process in Liberia from the peace process in Rwanda, and which affect has UNSCR 1325 had on them?

"Many  consider the  United  Nations  Security  Council  Resolution  1325  as  a  groundbreaking  document  and  as  a  resolution  which  attest  to  the  new ambition  of  gender equality  in  the  international  community.  However, the question  remains  of the actual effects  of  UNSCR  1325.  This  thesis  analyses, and  compares  the  peace  processes  in Liberia and  Rwanda  in  order  to  understand  how  UNSCR  1325  has affected the  peace processes.  The  analysis  uses  the  term  (en)gendered  security,  a  three  levelled  concept based  on  UNSRC  1325  created  by  Kara  Ellerby,  to  further  the  understanding of  the implementation of UNSRC 1325. Ellerby divides the implementation of UNSCR 1325 to three  levels:  basic-,  secondary-  and  indicator-level,  and  this  thesis  focuses  on  the secondary level. The study shows that out of the four properties of inclusion found on the secondary  level,  the  peace  processes  in  Rwanda  and  Liberia  fulfils  all  four: representation,  incorporation,  protection,  and recognition. This  indicates an  increased awareness of (en)gendered security in the peace processes". 

Download and read the whole essay to take part of how Desirée came to her conclusion. 

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