The last project we had in Colombia was the Mediation Lab 2015 which also included actors from Sweden, Turkey, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen and Libya.

The project enabled a triangular exchange of experiences where women from different contexts could share their experiences of peace mediation and peace processes.

The exchange increased knowledge about peace mediation in different contexts and strengthened the participants’ capacity to contribute to successful peace processes.

We are also part of Colombiagruppen (The Swedish Platform for Colombia) for knowledge exchange and advocacy where we contribute our expertise on women, peace and security.


2016-2017: MEDIATION LAB

The Mediation Lab was organised in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and Colombia with the aim of sharing knowledge and experiences on women’s peacebuilding from different contexts. The project enabled women peace workers from several countries to meet and work together to strengthen women’s capacity to learn from each other and work for peace.   

Project: Mediation Lab  

Country: Colombia, Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Sweden, Turkey, Yemen  

Partner organisation: Iniciativa de Mujeres Colombianas por la Paz, KÖM Turkey, Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy (PCPD)  

Donor organisation: MUCFFolke Bernadotte Academy

Project period: 2016 – 2017  

Purpose: A triangular exchange of experiences to highlight innovative, successful mediation processes that have led to increased security and women’s participation. To identify what made these mediation processes successful and how it can be replicated in other areas and conflicts.   

Target group: Women peace actors, civil society organisations, academics and local policy makers from Colombia and the MENA region 

How: The project started with an inventory of mediation experiences and knowledge, through interviews and digital research. The project created a reference group of experts and decision-makers in peacemaking. As part of the project, a central mediation conference was organised for the empowerment of women as peacebrokers. The aim of this conference was to exchange experiences, knowledge and create shared learning. In each participating country, smaller conferences were held where partner organisations shared new insights and disseminated mediation skills in their context. Lessons learnt and tools from the project were disseminated digitally, including through the creation and publication of a report and a handbook on the topic. An advocacy letter was sent to, among others, the UN Security Council and the UN Member States Support Unit.   

Results: Women’s and peace organisations have shared experiences and increased their knowledge of mediation in other contexts to draw lessons for their own peace work. Through the conferences, the publication of a report and a handbook on women, peace and security, knowledge has reached beyond the primary target group. Through contact with decision-makers, participants were able to influence at a higher level.   


Mediation Lab – Women Pacemakers as mediators (eng)

Mediation Lab – Women Pacemakers as mediators (arabic)

Mediation Lab – Women Pacemakers as mediators (español

Mediation Lab –  Women Pacemakers as mediators (türkçe)

Mediation and Influence

Mediation Lab Mediation Lab Mediation lab

    Operation 1325 & COLOMBIA

    Here’s a video we’ve produced to give those of you who don’t know about Operation 1325 a little insight into who we are and what we do. We are very happy that our heroine Dr. Louise Olsson, Senior Researcher in Women, Peace and Security at the Institute for Peace Research in Oslo, is joining us with her expertise and solid knowledge!

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