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It is never as important to continue believing and holding on to faith than in times of conflict and violence, when human suffering and desperation seems to be everywhere. We have to remember that after hard times, good times will come. This is the poem of Elsa Zetterberg, the 9 year old granddaughter of Eva Zetterberg. Sometimes we all just have to listen to a good, loving and peace supporting child in order to resurrect a dear old memory from the past; that the good always wins. The only difference is that now, we actually have the power to makes this childhood belief come true. This is something we all should remember when writing the history of today.

Peace on Earth by Elsa Zetterberg, Oct 24, 2015

”The peace is around me
But where the war goes on, people are crying
I want to see them, I want to to meet them

A war is dangerous
And very serious
There are many wars right now
The one to change that
May be you
I leave now to make peace
It is better if you accompany me