Power to Women in Peace Processes

Women's Organisations Cooperating in Realising Resolution 1325


Torino Forum 2020

Yesterday the boardtrainees of Operation 1325 and
Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy
shared their handbook on young engagement in Torino Forum 2020. In a video PCPD created by young women activists shows that women's responsibilities have increased during COVID19 since women do more in the workplace and in the household. Balancing work and household duties as well as finances. In interview with people, many expressed women are everywhere and equal to combat the challenges of Covid-19 and societal issues in general. Women should be in negotiation and decision - making processes because it will have positive impact. Women have a tremendous role in society. However, women's contribution is not clear in national statistics. The Palestinian authorities should include women in all spaces and give them opportunities to be able to be in decision-making processes.

The trainees in both Sweden and Palestine expressed that their knowledge of UNSCR 1325 have increased during this project. It's important to engage youth in peace and security but also increase the civil society organisations knowledge from young people's needs in different contexts. It is a mutual collaboration between a mentor and trainee on how to work forward with these issues.

In the Swedish context, the board trainees expressed that threats and hate towards youth organisations and youth activists have increased. Therefore, one sometimes is cautious of being in certain spaces and work to not face threats. However, the boardtrainee Sana Pivot eloquently said: "existing in spaces not built for you is a revolution itself".

When talking about women's inclusion in peace processes, it is crucial to not package women, but to rather include other aspects which can affect their inclusion such as ethnicity, age, religion. etc. Intersectional perspective in the implementation of UNSCR 1325 is important!