Power to Women in Peace Processes

Women's Organisations Cooperating in Realising Resolution 1325

"It's going to be more difficult for journalists..."

A bit more than a week have past since the controversial referendum in Turkey and still a lot of uncertainty prevails regarding any potential consequences for the already exposed journalists and the difficulties concerning freedom of speech in Turkey. The rapidly shrinking space for media have already been visible since the military coup in June 2016 and the following state or emergency.

According to a female Turkish journalist that Operation 1325 have spoken to, the situation for the journalists in Turkey is only expected to get worse. She wants to be anonymous since people who have commented on the referendum have been captured, she says. "We expect that it is going to be more difficult, yet we do not know in what ways we are going to feel the consequences.  However, considering the recent capturing and deportation of an Italian journalist we see that foreign journalist are no longer safe in Turkey, and this may give a hint on what we can expect”, she adds.

The fact that the whole political system of Turkey now has been changed, to put the power in the hands of one man, brings a lot of insecurity. She says that they are all waiting for what the next move is going to be. "We expect something to happen within just a few days" she says.