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The ongoing conflict in Yemen has had a large impact on the country’s justice system, according to a new report from the International Legal Assistance Consortium (ILAC). Through interviews with people within the Yemeni justice system and in-depth analysis the report demonstrates how women and other marginalized groups are exposed to violence and exclusion. 

Yemen is divided into different geographical areas governed by different political actors and legal systems. As a result, both formal and informal structures exist in the country where both state and non-state actors perform official functions. The justice system is also affected by the large number of internally displaced people, where the demographic changes exacerbate security risks. 

The unstable judicial structure has meant increased violence and exclusion of groups that are already marginalized in society. Women in Yemen often have no income of their own and lack independence due to the narrow social conventions that limit women’s lives. As a result, women are often disadvantaged in legal disputes. Measures to guarantee women’s access to the justice system are lacking within the country’s laws and institutions. Those interviewed in ILAC’s report describe how the conflict has led to an increase in violence, rape and harassment of women. The report notes that women and other marginalized groups are in dire need of enhanced judicial protection in Yemen. 

To learn more, read the full report HERE