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Operation 1325 has a new director. We would like to welcome Anette Uddqvist, who assumed her position at the beginning of January. Anette has previously worked with Médecins Sans Frontières and has extensive experience of working in, and with, conflict contexts at local level. 

With an academic background and degree in development assistance engineering, the new Director of Operation 1325 has worked internationally for Médecins Sans Frontières for many years. She says that the experience of working in active conflict zones has contributed to an increased knowledge and understanding of different power structures within a conflict. Who has the power to drive and influence conflicts, and who has not. These insights led to an interest in contributing to change, which is why she pursued a Master’s degree in Humanitarian Action in Conflict. 

In terms of Operation 1325’s long-term development, Anette hopes to see the national and international networks of the organisation grow.    

– I believe in collaborating with actors who have a similar agenda, both nationally and internationally.  

Anette has previously worked in both technical and operational coordination, as well as in HR and finance. She believes that this background, together with her practical experience, will be important in her role as Director of Operation 1325.   

Welcome, Anette!