Power to Women in Peace Processes

Women's Organisations Cooperating in Realising Resolution 1325

National Action Plans (NAP)

Operation 1325 offers trainings and technical support on the development of efficient NAP:s. The realization of the provisions of Resolution 1325 requires states and international institutions to make commitments on systematic reforms. To date, more than 40 countries have specified such measures by developing a national action plan. While the adoption of a NAP certainly has proven a way of achieving coherent and effective implementation, experience shows that the level of progress often depends on the quality of the NAP. Many action plans lack clear objectives, indicators to measure progress, allocated funding, and a system for reporting and evaluation. Ownership among the responsible agencies as well as the active involvement of local civil society are factors affecting the quality of the action plan. Operation 1325 offers training and technical support to organisations worldwide to strengthen their capacity to advocate for the development of an effective NAP and for an inclusive and transparent process. The trainings build capacity of civil society to take active part in the drafting of a national action plan that reflects the security needs and priorities of various societal group. Operation 1325 has provided support to women’s and peace organisations in the Balkans, Central Africa, the Middle East and North Africa. For more information on our NAP-trainings, please see “What we offer” in the menu.