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Gröna Kvinnor

Gröna Kvinnor looks at the full image and link men’s violence against women and violence against nature, mother earth, as a result of a patriarchal structure based on superiority and subordination. The path to change is through equal economic change based on socio-economic-ecological sustainability and biological diversity. Gröna Kvinnor organizes women to take an active part in the building of society. Agenda 2030 is a tool like the UN Platform for Action, the UN COP, the CEDAW Convention, and the UNSCR 1325. Man is social and has lived peacefully for thousands of years, the warlike greedy brackets we live in now are extremely abnormal and lead to the collapse of the climate. Their vision is long-term sustainable societies that live equally within the framework set by nature in a market where you give more than you take.

Kvinnor för fred

Kvinnor för Fred, KFF, was established in 1978 and is an organisation working with peace based on women’s own conditions.
KFF has no political or religious ties and belongs to a network of international branches.

Our goal is to promote women’s participation in conflict resolution. A special focus lies on zero tolerance for nuclear weapons, weapon production and weapon export, and rape as a war strategy. We promote human rights for all. 

The organisation works through international cooperation projects and with women’s groups in Israel/Palestine, Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as in West Sahara. KFF cooperates with KFF in the Nordic countries, the Netherlands, Switzerland and WAFE in England. It has 500 members in Sweden.


The organization wants to contribute to a society and a business community, nationally and internationally that takes advantage of everyone’s opportunities and interests. This regardless of gender, class, ethnic background or nationality. Women can be politically independent.

Riksförbundet Internationella Föreningen FEM-Inclusion

Riksförbundet Internationella Föreningen Fem-Inclusion, RIFFI, was created in 1974 and is today an umbrella organization for about 30 local associations across the country. RIFFI is engaged in national and international issues concerning immigration and refugees.

The organization works to ease the integration process for immigrants in Sweden. RIFFI turns to all women regardless of nationality.

Svenska Kvinnors Vänsterförbund

Svenska Kvinnors Vänsterförbund, SKV, is not tied to any political party, but is a feminist and pacifist women’s association.

SKV has its roots in the association “Frisinnade kvinnor” that was created in 1914 under the banner “Against war psychosis for democracy and women’s equality”. Its current name was adopted in 1931. SKV pursues equality between men and women, for the protection of democracy. SKV works against violence and commercial explotation of women and children, and promotes a society where children can grow up safely.

SVK works for peace, against war and imperialism and its vision is to reach a universal and complete disarmament. SKV promotes sustainable development and a fair division of the earth’s resources.

Sveriges Ekumeniska Kvinnoråd

Sveriges Ekumeniska Kvinnoråd, SEK, is a non-profit organization existing since 1959. It is a forum for Christian women in Sweden.

Its working area is the church and society from a woman’s perspective. Amongst other, the organization pursues equality between women and men and for women to be more active in leadership and decision-making roles in churches and society as a whole.

SEK offers an eucumenical meeting place and a community across societies and across religions. It offers education in active non-violence for women living in conflict zones. SEK works with women at local, national and international levels.

Sveriges Kvinnliga Läkares Förening

Kvinnliga Läkares Förening, KLF, was inspired by Women’s doctor committee, which was created in 1916 by Karolina Widerstrom who was Sweden’s first female doctor. In 1976, KLF was made an interest- and partner organization within the Doctors association and today has about 1 400 members. The majority of the members are medical doctors or students. KLF works for equal conditions for female doctors and equal access to health and care.