SoME Gavobevis 2023

1 March 2019

A call for peace in Yemen and women’s meaningful participation

In relation to the ongoing Yemeni consultations in Stockholm, Sister’ Arab Forum for Human Rights together with Operation 1325 and the support of UN Women regional office MENA, has held discussions around the theme ”Women’s voices of peace”. It was an occasion to bring together a number of Yemeni and Swedish women peace and human rights defenders, held on December 7th in Stockholm, Sweden.

Women’s organizations and civil society organizations are alarmed about the humanitarian crisis and ongoing war in Yemen. We therefore urge all stakeholders in the conflict to commit themselves to a genuine process towards ending the war and building sustainable, inclusive, lasting and just peace.

We call upon all stakeholders to follow the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security.

In every humanitarian and security matter, make gender provisions. Ensure that women and civil society are included in all security related commitments. When women and civil society monitor the implementation or violations of agreement it increases its credibility. Women must be included in relevant teams to monitor, advise and ensure adequate response through gender analysis.

We call for the legitimate participation of women in all phases of the peace process, from ongoing consultations to the reconstruction and all phases of building sustainable peace in Yemen. The peace process must include substantive and meaningful representation of women in all negotiations and at all levels, including technical expertise and advisory functions.

We urge Yemen as a signatory to the Convention on the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the Beijing platform, and all peace negotiators, to make provisions especially for the needs for women and girls during repatriation, resettlement and for the rehabilitation and implementation of a future peace agreement. We encourage all stakeholders to adopt measures to respect the human rights of women and girls as they relate to the constitution, the electoral system, police and the judiciary.

All actors must be held accountable by the international community and fulfill their commitment towards these treaties. We demand the respect for humanitarian law and accountability measures by all parties. This must include to hold the international community accountable, the Swedish government and all other stakeholders who signed UNSCR 1325 and have shown commitment.

Peace builders must ensure a representative peace process with greater women political participation and women’s empowerment. We call on the inclusion of the resourcefulness of Yemeni women, human rights experts, health workers, economists, politicians and civil society leaders in the peace process.


Amal Basha, Sisters Arab Forum for Human Rights (SAF)

Bushra Nasr, Founder and Director of The Coordination Council Tanawoa (CCYRC),Member of the Women’s Solidarity Network (WSN)

Hind Omeiran, Member Women’s Solidarity Network (WSN)

Hana Alkhamiry, Member of the Women’s Solidarity Network (WSN)

Somaya Al-Thawr, Member of Women’s Solidarity Network (WSN)

Lina Al-Hasani, Director of “To Be Organization” & Member of Women’s Solidarity Network (WSN)

Hind AlEryani, Journalist &    member of the Yemeni Women’s Pact for Peace & Security(Tawafuq)

Marwah Alwahaishi, Member of Voices of Peace

With financial and technical support from UN Women MENA regional office and Karama network.

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