Hundreds killed or disappeared in Sudanese state of Southern Kordofan

SoME Gavobevis 2023

13 June 2011

A conflict over election results in the Sudanes South Kordofan state has led to a spree of killings. Operation 1325:s partner in the Nuba Mountains, NuWeda speaks out against recent attacks and disappearances of civilians.

This past week the Nuba Mountains has exploded in violence. Hundreds have become victims, either killed or are reported missing. In the early 1990s the region was the scene of fierce killings likened to genocide by human rights groups.

Civilians are killed

After the elections results the UN mission Egyptian soldiers are siding with Sudan army forces to suspect members of civil society to be part of SPLA, Sudan People’s Liberation Army, according to NuWeda. The Egyptian UN-troops and the national army hunt civilians down and have killed many “on the spot”, according to a a a statement by NuWeda.

“People in any crisis situations anywhere in the world…feel safe, comfort and courage when they see UN missions around them. But it is the opposite for the people of the Nuba Mountains. They want to hide themselves from the UN troops. This is really a shame,” it says in the statement.

“Withdrawal of UN troops”

The statement sets up several bids for help from the international community.

“This is an urgent call to the UN mission head quarters to stop and withdraw UN troops (the Egyptians) immediately from the UN mission compound in Kadugli; they are not in support of civilians.”

In another section the statement calls for “the international community to send humanitarian assistance to the people who are starving.”

People also lack water and medicine.

According to UN Daily News UNMIS has helped thousands and are trying to relocate many civilians and NGOs, although they have been stopped by the northern Sudanese army in doing so.

Helena Sundman


War crime criminal won elections
In the recent election that many see as rigged Ahmed Haroun won the position of governor of South Kordafan, where the Nuba Mountains are situated. Haroun is wanted by the International Criminal Court on over 40 charges for crimes against humanity and war crimes for atrocities committed in Darfur.
Haroun ran against a former commander, Abdul Aziz, of the Sudanese Liberation Movement/Army. This was the rebel group responsible for forcing the north/south referendum.
In 1992 a holy war was declared allowing northern troops and Arab militias to kill Nuba civilians. They were forced to flee into the mountains where they had to live on roots leaves, and weeds. Many Nubas supported the Sudan People’s Liberation Army, SPLA, whose aim is to reform the whole country as a secular state.
After the July 9 when Sudan splits into two nations, especially South Sudan will face major socioeconomic hurdles. Of the people 90 percent live below the poverty line, 92 percent of the female population cannot read or write, and 80 percent of the population lack access to health care.

Sources: BBC News, Armenian Weekly, UN Daily News

Also read Human Rights Watchartikel about the situation.

Also read an analysis of the situation where it again is mentioned that the Egyptian UN-troops are not neutral.

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