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This year we will start working on a project in Yemen. We were notified of this a few days before Christmas and we are grateful for the opportunity that Forum Civ has given us.

We will disseminate information on the Women, Peace and the Security agenda in collaboration with our local partner organization Mawada. We will aim to reach 350 women, a large part of whom are IDP’s, ie internal refugees, and who are now in the city of Hodeida. The internal refugees will have access to hygiene items, meaning that the project also has a WASH component. We are thus combining development work with humanitarian work.

This is the first time we have the opportunity to carry out an entire project in Yemen. Previously, we have obtained information for policy impact and conducted seminars with our local partner organization in order to spread knowledge to Swedish parliamentarians and administrative employees.

Being able to carry out an entire project on site allows us the possibility to make an impact within the country while also strengthening our voice within our advocacy work.

Yemen is suffering from a protracted civil war with several countries involved which can enhance and create conflicts. This creates an extra challenge for our partner organization Mawada, but we also know that they have the ability to navigate any situation that may arise.

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