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Turkey tops number of imprisoned journalists

Last week, Turkey became the world's leading country in holding number of journalists imprisoned, exceeding China, according to the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. 

Operation 1325 collaborates with a small feminist news agency, based in southeastern Turkey. In late October, the agency shut down, as just one of the media outlets by government decree.Our partner have founds was to continue their work. But there are far too many journalists who can not continue their work.

According to Deutsche Welle, more than 140 journalists  are imprisoned in Turkey. It's more than China, is home to more than a billion people. According Landguiden (Swedish sources), about 80 million people live in Turkey.

The regime also uses other methods to prevent journalists from exercising their profession. Deutsche Welle writes that 780 journalists had their press credentials withdrawn in 2016. 839 journalists were prosecuted for articles they had written and 189 journalists were subjected to physical and verbal attacks, during in 2016.

The tireless commitment our partners and the rest of the Turkish journalists makes it clear that freedom of speech depends on the commitment of individuals. Freedom of expression is essential in a democracy and journalists defend it. We stand together for the basic right to be heard.