Power to Women in Peace Processes

Women's Organisations Cooperating in Realising Resolution 1325

Eva Bergman was one of the participants on Operation 1325's course "Gender perspectives in peace building" at Sida Partnership Forum between the 14th and 16th of May.
FOTO: Julle Bergenholtz

"Resolution 1325 is crucial for peace"

Eva Bergman works for the Swedish Police as a trainer for police officers working in the international mission field for the UN. In her work as a trainer, she presents for instance resolution 1325 and its important role in conflict and post conflict situations.

Why did you choose to participate in Operation 1325's course on gender perspectives in peace?
In my work at the Swedish Police, I use resolution 1325 in my role as a trainer for international missions. The resolution is an important part to create sustainable peace and provides a better understanding when lecturing about equality in peace keeping operations. Therefore, I wanted to attend this course and accumulate more usable tools for my work.

What is the most important lesson that you will embrace after this course?
I think an important factor is that I have received more arguments to use resolution 1325 in my work. It has also been interesting to see the different needs that civil society organisations and authorities have concerning 1325, it provides a broader perspective and shows various ways of working with resolution 1325.

What would you want to change when it comes to equality and peace at the Swedish Police?
I want to put in writing concrete measures that my authority can do in the matter, describing more in detail the role of the Swedish Police. I also think that the Swedish Police have to work harder to raise the knowledge about resolution 1325 to the main public. Before I began working with these issues, I had never heard about the resolution. It is therefore imperative to spread the word about it.

How do you think practicing resolution 1325 can make a difference in peace processes?
I think that resolution 1325 is crucial for peace, our gender glasses always need to be on when dealing with peace. More equality lowers the risk of conflict related violence erupting, and I believe gender training can play a critical role to maintain that pattern. Just look at the places in the world where there are conflicts today. I think it's self explanatory that a gender focus is necessary in these situations, and that a gender perspective is essential to find peaceful solutions in conflict.