Power to Women in Peace Processes

Women's Organisations Cooperating in Realising Resolution 1325

Mediation conference in Alexandria 2016
FOTO: The Swedish institutet in Alexandria

Harvesting the fruits of 2016

As I look back on 2016 I am proud that Sweden got the seat in the Security Council, and we were part of this. It affirms that the world values equality, democracy and human rights which Sweden is known to champion.

Albania for the first time in history has a female general. This acknowledges Albanian women’s role as decision-makers in peace and security. And the movement is growing.

Colombia is working for its well-deserved peace and justice. Those women we invited to meet mediators and leaders from Turkey, Libya, Palestine, Yemen and Iraq have compared, themselves and their roles and possibilities, and come out more motivated to peace and equality.

Young women and men, at Swedish universities, at sports arenas, in other countries, got our message, Power to women in peace processes. We have spoken to thousands of people, written so many articles and held tens of lectures and so the Women, Peace and Security agenda is better understood today and more women leaders are willing to shoulder the responsibility. Today we welcome two new interns and thank the two serving last in 2016. I am proud knowing what you will achieve and contribute to the world.