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Women's Organisations Cooperating in Realising Resolution 1325

Kamilia Kuku Kura from NuWeda, an organisation in a 1325-network in newly created South Sudan. The violence that erupts from opposition party members affects civilians, says Kuku Kura.
FOTO: Operation 1325

Dilemma of how to Sustain This new Baby - South Sudan

Nuba Women for Education and Development Association (NuWEDA) took part in the voter education process, funded by UNDP/IOM. We were able to work in three of the six counties that make up Central Equatoria State, in which Juba is the capital.
The polling phase of the voter education was so dynamic and many people were involved. We reached about 11,000 people, mostly women. Generally people knew the option they wanted already.
The polling phase was so peaceful and under a dense security coverage to avoid chaos.
The announcement of the preliminary result was also well accepted. Hopefully the big celebration of the creation of South Sudan will be in July.

The  new Country Faces Many Challenges
Finally South Sudan got the seperation many of us had wished for and a new baby is born. But how to sustain this baby well and safe is another dilemma. There are many breakout tensions from the opposition parties in the south and the confrontation of soldiers, which affect the civilians.
This shows that the new country is facing a lot of challenges in terms of development, security, settlement, not to mention the simple basic human rights, food, shelters, school, hospital and security. As we have communicated to all of you before these things are very expensive, especially food items.
These are exciting times though as the government is in the process of reforming the constitution.
South Sudan – as a new country – needs a lot of support, to build peace and protect women’s rights. The latter is really needed, which the killings in Wau and Malkal showed where more than 100 people were killed, among them women and children.

Take care all readers of The 1325 Blog and God bless!

Kamilia Kuku Kura
Executive Director
Nuba Women for Education and Development Association (NuWEDA) in South Sudan

One of the member organisations of the 1325-network in Sudan and South Sudan, and a partner of Operation 1325 

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