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Bibbi Steinertz has left us.

An important voice in the women’s peace movement has left us - Bibbi Steinertz has died at the age of 92. Director Annika Schabbauer writes about her first meeting with Bibbi, who was an active part in the founding of Operation 1325:

Bibbi Steinertz will be missed in the work of women, peace and security. I met her in 1993 when Women for Peace organized a course on Women's Work for Justice and Peace in Palestine / Israel at Farnebo Folk High School. It was inspiring with all the knowledge and experience from the peace movement that Bibbi possessed. Bibbi believed in us youths and had faith that we could make an effort for women's rights to participate in the peace work and the right to live free and safely. She gave us confidence and let us educate and form opinion. She shaped several generations of peace women and participated in the founding of Operation 1325. For that we will always be grateful.

Annika Schabbauer

Dagens Nyheter has also noted the loss of Bibbi Steinertz, https://www.dn.se/arkiv/familj/bibbi-steinertz/