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Report launch brings hope

Sweden’s National Action Plan for the implementation of Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace, and Security does not live up to the self-image Sweden for long has enjoyed. To date, 43 countries have adopted National Action Plans (NAPs) and in a recent American study, Sweden was ranked number 28 in a comparison of the existing NAPs on Resolution 1325. Sweden, which in many ways has found itself on top of the list when it comes to equality, suddenly falls short.

Shifting focus in Resolution 2122

During the annual open debate on Resolution 1325 earlier this month the Security Council announced the unanimous adoption of a seventh resolution on Women, Peace and Security, Resolution 2122. Operation 1325 welcomes a clear determination to put the role of women’s participation at all stages of conflict prevention, peace negotiations and recovery at the forefront.

From policy to action

What is needed in terms of living a healthy, safe and dignified life? Is it a job and a stable economy? Or that we have access to nutritious food? Or is it more important to have good social relationships? Three years of university studies in Global Health have with base in various disciplines and different approaches tried to problematize and explain the essence of these questions. For me, however, a gender and feminist perspective have always been an essential analysing tool, mainly since inequity and gender inequality – created by destructive and discriminative patriarchal social structures – often are strong reasons to people being marginalized in their lives.

Syrian Women Mobilize for Peace

Is it possible, in the midst of war, to mobilize for peace and demand women’s participation? Asking questions about what may come after the tragedy seems vain, even inappropriate during times of raging war in Syria. Looking to the future while the most horrendous atrocities are taking place is strenuous. But against all odds Syrian women want to mobilize for peace and demand that women are represented in a future peace process.

New resolution on WPS: UNSCR 2106

Late this Monday Swedish time a new resolution was adopted on Women, Peace and Security (WPS) by the UN Security Council. UNSCR 2106 is the sixth resolution on the WPS agenda which was established by the adoption of Resolution 1325 in 2000.  While it is positive that the Security Council maintains the momentum of the WPS agenda, it can be questioned whether a new resolution is the solution when the already existing ones on WPS remain to a large degree unimplemented, Operation 1325’s Valter Vilkko and Emmicki Roos write.