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The Super Autumn of 2015

This season of 2015 has been called the ’super autumn’ because of the many historical international events. This includes the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Swedish revision of the national action plan for the implementation of resolution 1325, the 15 year anniversary of resolution 1325, and the Beijing 20 conference. For us at Operation 1325, this is motivation to put extra efforts behind our demand to increase the power of women in peace processes. As an additional inspiration we recently held this autumn’s first round table for students writing essays on the topic of women, peace and security, and we are eager to take off!

An inspiring meeting in Amman

Last week, our network of women and peace organizations in the MENA region, which has met annually for several years, gathered in Amman in Jordan. The purpose of the meeting was to work on a methodology for increased interaction between women´s organization and media. Very successful organizations shared their ideas and experience of how they reach substantive parts of the population through radio talk shows, popular TV stations and well-renowned print news. 

Our agenda 2015

Welcome to 2015 with Operation 1325. This year is historic on many levels. In Sweden we are excited about the strong support for our work through the government’s feminist foreign policy. It shows that Sweden is willing to work hard for women around the world and their human rights, including the right to decide over her own body. The Swedish foreign policy prioritizes women´s freedom, rights and opportunities and these will also permeate the Swedish aid policy. In international operations, it is important that the participants have the opportunity to receive training in gender mainstreaming and in Security Council Resolution 1325. The new UN Sustainable Development Goals which will take us to 2030 contain a clear agenda to increase women´s power and influence for sustainable peace. Civil society has a continued important role in demanding adherence, raising awareness, lobbying, monitoring the practice, reviewing results and contribute to increased peace and equality. 

The president of Operation 1325 on alternative NATO summit

During the NATO summit in Wales on the 4th and 5th of September this year, a new declaration was adopted. One of the 113 paragraphs dealt with the UN Security Council resolution 1325, which is a prioritized field for NATO.

Women, peace and security are highly topical, but way down on the agenda

War is raging in our surrounding areas, in Ukraine and the Middle East, and every day we receive reports of new conflict zones, civilian casualties and assaults. In only a few reports the vulnerability of women is mentioned; how the human rights of women are used as pawns and how warfare is sexualized in rethorics and practice. But that is far too often mentioned between the lines, or not at all. During the fall 2014 the issue of women, peace and security is once again highly topical, and once again too far down on the agenda.