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Women, Peace and Security in Lebanon

During the fall, we will publish reports on the situation of women, peace and security in a number of countries. Here is our report on Lebanon with recommendations that we … Läs vidare

Human Security for All

It’s estimated that 5,000 women are murdered globally each year in the name of honor. Within the three biggest cities of Sweden, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, 6000 young people live under … Läs vidare

1325 in Uganda

When I met Juliet Were in December, she said that post-conflict trauma still today, 30 years after the civil war, effects women in the Ugandan communities where she works with … Läs vidare

Longing for Peace and Justice

When those closest to us suffer from injustice or are being threatened, it hurts. It forces us to action and resistance. Today, the UN Security Council will hold an open … Läs vidare