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Help the affected population in Sudan.

Operation 1325 is now launching a crowdfunding campaign to support our partner organization that focuses on humanitarian work and women’s important role in peace processes. By supporting women in their efforts to assist the civilian population, their role in society is also strengthened. Operation 1325 has long been working with women’s organizations in Sudan that reach out to the local population and know that they can make a difference with small amounts of money.

Help us support them by making a contribution. Please spread the information about our campaign. Help us make a difference.

Swish 123-033 07 46. Thank you for your support!
If you don’t have swish, feel free to email us at info@operation1325.se to propose an alternative.

Below you will find attached material for the campaign, more information, and a Swish QR code that you are welcome to print out and put up in your workplace or similar.