A united North for UNSCR1325 at Nordiskt Forum Malmö 2014

SoME Gavobevis 2023

8 May 2014

Operation 1325, 1325 Network Finland, Forum Norway 1325 and WILPF Denmark are pleased to invite you to a seminar and workshop at Nordiskt Forum Malmö 2014. In two different sessions we will highlight the Nordic countries’ implementation of Resolution 1325 and initate a discussion on how we can strengthen the Nordic governments and civil society work for women, peace and security.

When adopted in 2000, Resolution 1325 was in many ways ground breaking. It addresses not only the impact of war on women, but also the central role women should and do play in conflict management, conflict resolution, and sustainable peace. All UN member states are obliged to implement Resolution 1325 and the Nordic countries were among the first to develop national action plans as a way to achieve coherent and effective implementation. But where do we stand today, almost 15 years later? Are we still leading the way and how do we pave the way for more effective implementation in the future? This and much more will be discussed at the events!

Seminar & panel discussion: Women, Peace and Security: Are the Nordic countries leading the way?
Date: Friday 13th June 2014
Time: 12:00-14:00
Location: Nordiskt Forum Malmö 2014, Malmömässan
Venue: Taikon

Workshop (only for civil society actors): A United North for UNSCR1325: Women, Peace and Security
Date: Sunday 15th June 2014
Time: 11:00-13:00
Location: Nordiskt Forum Malmö 2014, Malmömässan
Venue: Furuhjelm

Some of the participants include:
Madeleine Rees, Secretary General of WILPF International (uk)
Maj Britt Theorin, Former President Operation 1325 (se)
Torunn Tryggestad, Reseacher at PRIO –The Peace Research Institute Oslo (no)
Kristiina Vainio, Vice president of 1325 Network Finland (fi)
Lis Garval, Former minister counsellor on Gender, Peace and Security (dk)
Helga Þórólfsdóttir, Independent Consultant on Gender & Security for Icelandic MFA (is)
Pirjo Jukarainen, Acaide Oy and PhD docent University of Tampere (fi)
Åsa Eldén, Secretary General, Operation 1325 (se)
Jon Rian, Program Advisor, FOKUS – Forum for Women and Development (no)
Elina Multanen, Executive Director, Finland National Committee for UN Women (fi)
Ida Harsløf, Co-President of WILPF Denmark (dk)
Magnea Marinósdóttir, Advisor on Women, Peace and Security (is)

Please note: To attend the seminar and workshop you have to buy a separate ticket to the forum here. For queries and registration (only for the workshop), please contact project manager Jenny Molin at jenny.molin@operation1325.se or +46 73 076 55 01.

It’s time to unite for Women, Peace and Security! #unite1325

For more information, please see the attached invitations on the top right of this article.

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