Makt åt kvinnor i fredsprocesser

Kvinnoorganisationer i samverkan för att genomföra resolution 1325

The interactive way of learning was new to most participants at the workshop in Kerala about non-violence, gender and resolution 1325.
FOTO: Emelie Anner, SEK

”I will Inform my Brothers and Listen More to my Mother”


Workshop  in Kerala, India on Resolution 1325, Gender and Non-Violence
We are all – participants and trainers – very satisfied with the two day-long workshop.  Issues we focused on were non-violence, gender, resolution 1325 and the other related resolutions. It was energising to see the participants interacting in role-plays, exercises and discussions.

“The workshop was a wonderful experience. It helped me understand so many concepts, especially of gender and non-violence and most importantly on resolution 1325,” said one participant.
“It gave me new insights. Gender equality is essential for a sustainable development,” said another.
The methods were new to most of the participants, but they quickly adapted and enjoyed the interactive way of learning. They expressed that it made them understand the content better.

Workshop Inspired to Change Society
For the majority of the group the knowledge about resolution 1325 was new and motivated them to immediately think of how they can change their own society. One young man said that he now had a deeper understanding of women´s situation and vulnerability.
“I will now go home and inform my five brothers and listen more to my mother.”

Push for a National Action Plan
The idea came up to send a message to the government of India and demand a National Action Plan for the implementation of resolution 1325. A group was formed to make a first draft. All the participants wanted to support such a document.
The organisers of the workshop were the Cultural Academy for Peace, Kerala, and the Swedish Ecumenical Women´s Council, one of the member organisations of Operation 1325.

Margareta Andermo, Emelie Anner, Beena Sebastian and Suzeela Mathew, trainers and also members of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation.