Power to Women in Peace Processes

Women's Organisations Cooperating in Realising Resolution 1325

Operation 1325 is an umbrella organization initiated by several Swedish women’s and peace organizations. Through advocacy and training, in Sweden and internationally, the organizations objective is to increase women’s influence at all levels of peace processes and in conflict resolution. Operation 1325 advocates, informs, educates and creates platforms for debate and dialogue to influence decision makers, civil society and the general public with the aim of implementing UN’s Resolution 1325.


Executive summary Women Count Albania

Read the executive summary for Women Count Albania in attachment to the right. Women Count Albania can be read in full here: http://operation1325.se/projekt/women-count-albania 


Words in Action: Gender Inclusion for Sustainable Peace

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How can the role of women in peace negotiations be supported and encouraged in a more substantial manner? How does inclusion contribute the sustainable peace and security?

Those Voices: Diyarbakir - a city under siege

Very seldom are women’s perspectives heard in matters of peace and security because women are seen to have less authority and power.


Operation 1325 launches new project


On Friday, we received the happy news that myndigheten för ungdoms - och civilsamhällesfrågor (MUCF)  has granted Operation 1325 support for conducting activities promoting democracy.


Turkish studyvisit

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During five intensive days, Operation 1325 had the pleasure of hosting three women's rights promoters from Turkey.


Feminism in Turkey Seminar MR-Dagarna


At the Human Rights Fair in Jönköping, Operation 1325 held a seminar on the situation in Turkey and current challenges for the feminist movement.

The organisations behind Operation 1325